Trumpet Talk

Dr. Jim Buckner:
Arnold Jacob’s Breathing Exercises
The Warm Up
Range: How High Is High Enough?
More Thoughts on Range
Thing to Practice to Improve the Upper Range
Arching or Raising the Tongue
Endurance, Pressure, and Loud Playing
Free Buzzing, Mustache
Setting the Air, Initial Attacks, and the Importance of Attacks
Thoughts on Ligner, 50 Exercises: Sur Le Coup de Langue Ternaire (1876)
Solos and Contest:  How to Do Your Best
The Importance of a Clean Instrument
Tuning and Valve Slides
Psychological Aspects of Trumpet Playing
The Three Cornerstones of a Great Player
Mouthpieces: My Thoughts
Overtone Series
Trumpet Intonation Tendencies
Fingerings and Alternate Fingerings
Common Alternate Trill Fingerings


Vincent Cichowicz:
Trumpet Range Expansion Slurs
Chase:  Dirty Dozen Lip Slurs
Mouthpiece Melodies

Dr. Arthur Swift:  Dr. Swift’s Guide to Embouchure Recovery

Dr. Wes Branstine:  Where to Breathe

Don Kramer:
Aids to the Development of the Big Four (Breath, Embouchure, Tongue, Fingering)
Triple Tongue Practice Guide

David Laubach:  Your Daily Trumpet Practice Routine for Summer

Christopher Roberts:  Factors in the Preparation of a Recital or Performance

Martin England:  Recital Thoughts

Hutchins, Ken:  The Myth of “Diaphragmatic Breathing”