David Laubach: Your Daily Trumpet Practice Routine for Summer

My experience has shown that being prepared for the future helps me enjoy everything else I do now.
Having a daily routine gives stability and consistency to my life.
If you want peace, tranquility and impressive skills, here’s a guaranteed path:


1. Mouthpiece buzzing 10 minutes
(include melodies-see p. 86 Trumpet Handbook)
2. Warm-up
Read Trumpet Handbook P. 9 Warm-up Routine
Play Trumpet Handbook P. 34 Top Half of Page Thru Exercise #5
3. H.L. Clarke Studies 1-5 w/etudes
1 complete study w/etude per day
Study 1 Play each line 4 times in one breath-take repeat on etude.
Study 2 Play each line 2x’s in one breath
Study 3 Take repeat-one breath
Study 4 Take repeat-one breath each pass
Study 5 Take repeat-one breath 1st section, one breath 2nd section
Practice without mistakes ALWAYS.
The above must be accomplished FIRST EVERY DAY.

4. Chose exercises from the books you have which will help you eliminate your weaknesses.
Slurring(embouchure and air)

5. Find or buy a collection of music that you want to play.
Arban book melodies
Popular music such as Broadway musicals, Oldies, Current Pop Songs
There’s even a book of 1st Trumpet parts for many published marches.

You must accomplish the first 3 sections every day. Whatever you do after that will be a bonus to your playing abilities.
If you’ll do this, I guarantee it will work.
I hope you have a great summer.

Mr. Laubach