High Brass Methods Textbook

May 5, 2023 bucknej

I’ve decided to post my high brass methods textbook on this website to make it publicly available.
(Note: the links were not working in the previous textbook. I’ve corrected that (and a few other things) and uploaded a new version on May 14, 2023.)

Please know that I realize there are other ways of teaching and playing than included in this book. I have, however, found them to work well for most students, and I hope the text will be of benefit to you.

Although this work is copyrighted, permission is granted to the public to use material from this book with the following stipulations:

  • Any reference must include the title, author, and year of copyright: High Brass Methods, James Buckner, 2023
  • Image attributions must be included for any images used.

You may wonder why I have granted this permission; there are two reasons:

  • Quite a bit of this was written during my 2020 sabbatical, so I was paid to write much of it.
  • As for the rest of the book, I owe an enormous debt to many of my teachers who went far beyond the call of duty in helping me learn to play well and solve my playing problems.