Wilson, Daniel

Teaching fellow at the University of North Texas while pursuing the DMA
Sub with the Dallas Opera
Fort Worth Civic Orchestra
Masters, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Little Rock Wind Symphony
Mass Brass & Percussion
Outstanding Graduating Senior, Music Performance, 2009
Senior Recital, 2009
2008 Arkansas Intercollegiate Band
student of Dr. Jim Buckner and Mr. David Laubach
Daniel’s website

Van Alstyne, TX

Daniel and Adam Rapa

Sarah Beatty, Daniel Wilson, and Britt Kennedy

Daniel Wilson and Sarah Beatty

Daniel Wilson, Sarah Beatty, and Jeff Attaway

Jeff Attaway, Sarah Beatty, and Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson, Sarah Beatty, and Robert Ratola

Craig Ingram, Jeff Attaway, Sarah Beatty, and Daniel Wilson

Alumni Recital, Spring, 2010

Oskar Böhme Concerto in f minor

Senior Recital, Fall, 2009

Antonio Vivaldi Concerto No. 2 in B-flat major
Alexander Cellier Chevauchee fantastique
Ennio Morricone Gabriel’s Oboe from “The Mission”, with Andy Thompson, euphonium
Frank Proto Carmen Fantasy, A
Jean-Baptist Laurent Arban Variations on “The Carnival of Venice”
Herbert L .Clarke Cousins with Andy Thompson, euphonium

Junior Recital, Fall, 2008

Alexander Arutunian Concerto
Allen Cohen Wings of Desire
Otto Ketting Intrada
Alexander Goedicke Concert Etude

Performance Labs

Spring 2006 Guillaume Balay Prelude et ballade
Spring 2007 Halsey Stevens Sonata I. Allegro moderato
Spring 2007 Franz Joseph Haydn Concerto I. Allegro
Spring 2007 Alan Hovhaness Prayer of Saint Gregory
Spring 2007 Alexander Goedicke Concert Etude
Spring 2008 Alexander Arutunian Concerto