Moscow International Trumpet Festival

The Kremlin and Red Square

Inside Kremlin — the opening of Mussorgky’s “Boris Godunov” takes place inside this church

Bell outside the same church — it fell during construction and was left in place

Canon inside the Kremlin

Another church inside the Kremlin

The Kremlin wall from Red Square

The GUM store (left), St. Basil’s Cathedral (center), and Lenin’s tomb
(gray concrete structure in shadow on right)

Inside the GUM store

St. Basil’s Cathedral — it looks large on the outside, but it is quite small on the inside
due to the many support walls


Bolshoi Ballet

Novodevichy Convent — Shostakovitch, Scriabin, and other musicians are buried here

Outdoor restaurant — Craig Morris, now first trumpet, Chicago Symphony Orchestra (left), Steve Hawk, Slippery Rock University (center), Terry Warburton, Warburton Mouthpieces (right)
The view from our “hotel” — this is a typical residence for most Moscow citizens

Moscow Conservatory and American Artists

American musicians in front of the Moscow Conservatory
Left to right:  Jeff Hellmer (piano), Keith Winking, Ray Crisara, Brett Jackson, Craig Morris, Steve Hawk, Sandy Coffin, Dr. Jim Buckner, Michelle Kaminski, Leonard Candelaria, Katherine Fouse (piano), Leonid Chumov (Russian), Terry Warburton, Paul Neebe
Rachmaninov Recital Hall in the Moscow Conservatory
Dr. Buckner in master class with Ray Crisara
David Oistrach’s Studio — Oistrach was a world-famous violinist
there is no desk — music was taught, without all the paperwork of modern teaching
Front Row:  Dr. Jim Buckner, Mrs. Dokschidzer and her son
Back Row:  Vladimir Dokschidzer (former trumpeter in the Bolshoi Ballet Orchestra)
and Keith Winking (Southwest Texas State)

Dr. Buckner’s Recital in the Glinka Instrument Museum

Dr. Jim Buckner in front of brass instruments in the Glinka Instrument Museum
Dr. Jim Buckner performing in recital with Jeff Helmer in the Glinka Instrument Museum