HBM – Vibrato

Adds warmth, depth of sound, changes tone color (so does volume)
Vibrato is faster in upper range and slower in low range
Vibrato should not call attention to itself- listen to professionals for speed of vibrato and
     match vibrato speed
Speed varies between styles
Start when kids can play with a good, steady sound

Must be able to change speed or stop

Me – tone quality sets vibrato speed

Classical – in a section, only the first chair uses a little vibrato; in jazz, the entire section matches the first chair’s vibrato

Four types of vibrato:

     lip/embouchure (move jaw or wiggle face muscles)
     diaphragm – no, a tremolo – used by flute players
     throat – flute??

Trumpet- use hand vibrato – practice metrically with metronome
Horn – traditionally doesn’t use vibrato – use embouchure vibrato
Trombone, euphonium and tuba – use embouchure vibrato, trombone may use slide vibrato in jazz or classical

Excessive pressure= no vibrato (trumpet players)