HBM – Psychology

You don’t teach trumpet/horn, etc. – you teach people.  Therefore, psychology is critical!

Don’t say don’t – the more you try not to do it wrong, the more you think about the wrong, and that’s what you get; don’t think about monkeys for 10 seconds; the secret is to think about something completely unrelated

Bad words:  try – implies possible failure; can’t – predicts the future (can say I’m not, or I can’t do it today – still dangerous); you have a problem

Inner Game of Tennis – W. Timothy Gallwey – Self I = conscious, which sets the goals; Self II – subconscious, which moves the muscles; get into problems when Self I tries to tell Self II what to do – keeping your wrist straight in a tennis match instead of putting the ball where I can’t hit it; first heard about this from Jeffrey Reynolds, bass trombone in the Los Angeles Philharmonic

Inner Game of Music – Barry Green – Self I = that which interferes, Self II = your cumulative musical experience; he didn’t believe in the Inner Game until he and his brother went skiing; consulted with W. Timoty Gallwey before writing his book; many excellent techniques

I’m Okay, You’re Okay – we operate with a goal setting mechanism – whatever we focus on, we move to make reality, whether it’s positive or negative (I’m a failure results in showing up drunk to an important meeting; see, I’m a failure)

Pscho-Cybernetics – plastic surgeon – some nose jobs would transform a woman’s life; some nose jobs equally as good had no effect whatever, so he had to treat the psychology of the person as well

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself – complete overrides what you know; that’s why you need a motivational speaker to come in every month; he lost weight when he listened to his wife’s tapes while he shaved

Ultimate Power – Tony Robbins – the ultimate power is the power to change who you are; pistol shooting – elicit strategies