HBM – Low Range

requires more strength than middle range – must remain firm, not loose (rubber band, timpani head)  – low notes require a different lip position, not relaxed lips – lose low range when out of shape (can’t press)

Practice low to play low; most people neglect this range (no glory in low notes for trumpeters); put low in warm up routine


More air quantity, less air pressure:     |   |

flow rate 40 liters/ minute for tpt, 120 liters/minute for tuba

some talk about warmer air vs. colder air (high)

Must relax if moving from high range; if this doesn’t happen, the sound is small and the pitch is usually sharp

Corners too loose:

1.  Flabby tone

2.  Flat

3. Can’t slur out of low range

4. Hard to tongue clearly

Aids –

1.  Drop jaw and tongue

2.  Think “ah” or “oh”

3.  Tilt instrument – optional – pivot system:  don’t stop it, but don’t make it (Doc Reinhardt)

4.  Tongue between teeth

5.  Clevenger/Farkas:   blast