HBM – Braces

Braces cut lips, immobilize them/ reduce range, endurance, flexibility and tone

Most likely to get them the day before contest or a big concert – must completely start over!  When you take them off, you completely start over, but you adapt much more quickly; talk to parents BEFORE they do this!

cures:  boxers wax, cigarette paper, flower paper, floral tape, chamois, Brace Guard (two-part putty), Brace Shield, tough lips, Morgan Bumper (Larry Reynolds), Brace Relief (p. 34), C Band denture pads, Ease-O

When removed:  buzz only for 1-2 days play, easy stuff and gradually move back to where they were, tone will soon be better; Logan had bottom braces removed, waited a week, and then had the top braces removed – almost no problems!