Entering Freshman Self-Study Materials

These materials are basic materials that are well within the capabilities of a serious high school trumpet player.  They are all required as part of the course of study at Henderson, so mastery of these materials will not only help you now, but also accelerate your progress in the future.  A metronome will really help, as will a private lesson teacher!

Arban Complete Method Goldman-Smith edition, published by Carl Fischer
Lip Slurs, pp. 42-43:  #18 – 20 (tempo = quarter note at 120)
Major Scales, pp. 59-74
Minor Scales, p. 75
Chromatic Scales, pp. 76-79
Tonguing, pp. 26-36
Major Chords, p. 142, p. 144
Minor Chords, p. 143, p. 145
Double Tonguing, p. 175+
Triple Tonguing, p. 155+
Duets/Intonation, p. 246+  (while not technically hard, they are valuable for intonation!)

Clarke Technical Studies, published by Carl Fischer
First Study (play at least four times in one breath)
Second Study (be sure to play in all the keys)
Third Study (be sure to play in all the keys)
Fourth Study (invaluable practice in developing trills, so important in baroque music)
Fifth Study (always have plenty of air for the end!)

Voxman Selected Studies, published by Rubank