Correia, Juzeh

member of the Stardust and David Rosen big bands
Crossmen, 2002 (Rookie of the Year), 2003, 2005 (Distinguished Service Award)
student of Dr. Jim Buckner

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Juzeh and Dr. Buckner counting 10,000 measures of rest in Handel’s Messiah

Still counting…must be getting close!

Freshman photo Juzeh and Mike Vax
Juzeh, John Caldwell, Aaron Caldwell

Daniel Wilson, Juzeh Correia, and Dillon Davis

Chris Stevens, Juzeh Correia, and Jason Webb

Juzeh Correia and Dillon Davis perform with NuFusion

Performance Labs
Spring 2005 John Cheetham Concert Dialogue with Kate Tidwell
Spring 2006 Robert Planel Concerto II. Lent et calme
Fall 2006 Antonio Vivaldi Concerto for Two Trumpets with Dillon Davis