Brown, Mark

Senior Recital, 1983
Mae Whipple Scholarship for Outstanding Performer, 1983
student of Don Kramer

After graduating from Henderson ( with a BME ) I went to medical school. After graduating from medical school I did a residency in anesthesiology. Upon completion of residency I was asked to join the faculty at UAMS. I was an assistant professor there for a while where I headed the Division of Obstetric Anesthesiology and was also one of three cardiac anesthesiologists on the faculty. After a while I decided that private practice would probably be a better fit and that’s where I’ve been since 1995. I’m practicing in Searcy at White County Medical Center.
While at Henderson I was first chair trumpet in the marching, concert and first jazz bands for five years (although you can’t tell it now). I also played in the faculty quintet and the South Arkansas Symphony.
I’m sure I can come up with several Kramer stories but I probably need to distill and edit them for public consumption. Don and I were very close even up to the time of his death. I visited him several times in the hospital. He had been a father figure to me for years ( my father died when I was eleven ). That’s one of the neat things about him. He was never just a teacher. He was always a friend or surrogate parent to all of his students.

Senior Recital, Fall, 1983

Alexander Arutunian Concerto
Samuel Scheidt Canzoni a 4 voci with Al Auduengo, Doug Lockard, and Lisa Strackbien, trumpets
Jean-Baptist Laurent Arban Variations on “The Carnival of Venice”


Performance Lab

Spring 1981 John Cheetham Concoctions