Trumpet Talk

Dr. Jim Buckner:
Arnold Jacob’s Breathing Exercises
The Warm Up
Range: How High Is High Enough?
More Thoughts on Range
Thing to Practice to Improve the Upper Range
Arching or Raising the Tongue
Thoughts on Ligner, 50 Exercises: Sur Le Coup de Langue Ternaire (1876)
Endurance, Pressure, and Loud Playing
Free Buzzing, Mustache
Setting the Air, Initial Attacks, and the Importance of Attacks
Solos and Contest:  How to Do Your Best
Importance of a Clean Instrument
Tuning and Valve Slides
Psychological Aspects of Trumpet Playing
The Three Cornerstones of a Great Player
Mouthpieces: My Thoughts
Overtone Series
Trumpet Intonation Tendencies
Fingerings and Alternate Fingerings
Common Alternate Trill Fingerings
Clarke Technical Study No. 2 – Articulation Variations
HSU Junior Camp Trumpet Warmup
HSU Senior Camp Trumpet Warmup
HSU Band Camp – Trumpet Warm-Up Routine


Vincent Cichowicz: Trumpet Range Expansion Slurs

Chase:  Dirty Dozen Lip Slurs

Bob Brewer –  Mouthpiece Melodies

Dr. Arthur Swift:  Dr. Swift’s Guide to Embouchure Recovery

Dr. Wes Branstine:  Where to Breathe

Don Kramer:
Aids to the Development of the Big Four (Breath, Embouchure, Tongue, Fingering)
Triple Tongue Practice Guide
Practice Routines
Range Expansion
Extreme Upper Register

David Laubach:  Your Daily Trumpet Practice Routine for Summer

Christopher Roberts:  Factors in the Preparation of a Recital or Performance

Martin England:  Recital Thoughts

Ken Hutchins:  The Myth of “Diaphragmatic Breathing”

Doug Lockard: Warmup