Showband Trumpet Section Photos

2021 Showband Trumpets

Game day vs SAU. Also family day and show band shadow day.

2018 Showband Trumpets

2017 Showband Trumpets

Showband Concert in Garrison

Patrick McKinnon and Jack Nutt

September 20, 2017

September 30, 2017

Stand Tunes, Fall, 2017

2016 Showband Trumpets

November 12, 2016

Rafael Quiroz

Lucas Sapaugh

Reddie Trumpets and friends

Craig Ingram, Jeff Attaway, Sarah Beatty, and Daniel Wilson

Russell Coburn, ??, Eric Gomance, Michael Hoover, and more

1990’s uniforms

Chris Steven, Juzeh Correia, and Jason Webb (2002)