Reference Books for Teaching Brass Instruments

Note: This list was compiled in 1986.


Applied Music Curricula, Gale L. Sperry, University of South Florida
Art of Brass Playing
, Philip Parkas, Wind Music – not for students – too analytical and detailed in physical processes
Art of Musicianship, Philip Parkas, Musical Publications
Brass Anthology, Instrumentalist, 1984
Brass Book, Moore, G. Leblanc Company
Brass Ensemble Method for Teacher Education, Norman J. Hunt, William C. Brown Publishers, 1963
Brass Ensemble Music Guide, Paul C. Anderson, Instrumentalist, 1978
Brass Facts, Bellamah, Southern Music
The Brass Instruments, James H. Winter, Allyn and Bacon, 1964
Brass Instruments in Church Services, Ode, Augsburg Publishing
Brass in Your School, Lawrence, Oxford University Press
Brass Music for the Church, John Devol, Harold Branch Publications, 1974
Brass Performance, Robert Weast, McGinnis and Marx, 1965 – good
The Brass Player, Charles Cohn, Charles Cohn
Brass Players’ Guide, Robert King Music Sales
Brass Solo and Study Material Music Guide, Paul G. Anderson, Instrumentalist, 1976
Brass Wind Artistry, Severson and McDunn, Accura Music
Contemporary Brass Technique, Leidig, Highland Music
The Embouchure, Maurice Porter, Boosey and Hawkes, 1967 – don’t recommend
Embouchure and Mouthpiece Manual, Vincent Bach
Essentials of Brass Playing, Fox, Columbia Pictures Publications
Guide to Teaching Brass, Norman J. Hunt, 3rd edition, William C. Brown Publishers (care of instrument, embouchure, breathing, tonguing, vibrato,
methods and solo literature lists for all brass, fingering charts, intonation problems, mutes – rather physical approach to methodology) – basic
reference source
Instrumental Music Guide, A. Harold Goodman, Brigham Young University Press, 1979
Keys to Natural Performance, Robert Weast, McGinnis and Marx
Materials for Miscellaneous Instrumental Ensembles, Music Educators National Conference, 1960
Music for Three Brasses, Richard G. Decker, Swift-Dorr Publications, 1976
Playing and Teaching Brass Instruments, Robert Winslow and John Green, Prentice-Hall, 1961 (for ensemble playing; assumes musical training)
Practice Methods for Brass Players, Belfrage, Wilhelm Hansen Musikforlag
Preventive Maintenance for Piston Instruments, Weisshaar, Belwin-Mills
Selected Wind and Percussion Materials, University of Iowa (solos, methods, ensembles: graded)
Survey of Modern Brass Teaching Philosophies, Bellamah, Southern Music
A  Teacher’s Guide to the Literature of Brass Instruments, Mary Rasmussen, Cabinet Press (Brass Quarterly), 1968 – good
Teaching the Successful High School Brass Section, Merrill Brown, Parker Publications, 1981
Vital Brass Notes, Charles Cohn, Charles Cohn
Wind and Percussion Literature Performed in College Student Recitals (1971-72), Merrill E. Brown, Instrumentalist, 1974


Advanced Method. Roger Grocock, Argee Music Press
The Art of Trumpet Playing, Vincent Bach, Vincent Bach Corporation, 1969
The Art of Trumpet Playing, Keith Johnson, Iowa State University Press, 1981 – very articulate, well thought out, trained in “Chicago”
Artistic Trumpet Technique and Study, Bush, Highland Music
Basic Guide to Trumpet Playing, Autrey, M. M. Cole Publishing
Brass Playing, Faye Hanson, Carl Fischer – analytical
Comparative Mouthpiece Guide, Gerald Endsley, Tromba Publications
Cornet Playing, D’Ath, Boosey and Hawkes
Embouchure Enlightenment, Young, Tromba Publications
Solo Literature for the Trumpet, Thomas Hohstadt, F. E. Olds Music Education Library
Textbook for Trumpet, Daryl Gibson (repertoire list)
The Trumpet, Wilfredo Cardoso, Wilfredo Cardoso, (Vol. 1 & 2: High Trumpets, Vol. 3 & 4:  Ascending [valve] Trumpets, Vol. 5—8: How To
Play In A Symphony Orchestra)
A Trumpet Player’s Guide to Orchestral Excerpts, Linda Anne Farr, The Brass Press, 1978, revised
Trumpet Profiles, Louis Davidson, Louis Davidson – questionnaires
Trumpet Teacher’s Guide, Gordon Mathie, Queen City Brass Publications (indexes 144 trumpet method books by technical and musical
problems) – good
Trumpet Technique, Delbert A. Dale, Oxford Press (?), 1965
Trumpeter’s Handbook, Roger Sherman, Accura Music
Trumpeter’s Supplemental Guide, William Pfund, William Pfund
Trumpeter’s Treasury of Information, Bellamah, Southern Music
Twentieth-Century Music for Trumpet and Orchestra, Norbert Carnovale, The Brass Press, 1975
Twentieth-Century Music for Trumpet and Organ, Cansler, The Brass Press


Art of French Horn Playing, Philip Farkas, Wind Music, 1962 – good
A Creative Approach to the French Horn, Harry Berv, 1977
The French Horn, Birchard Coar, Coar, 1947 (some pedagogy)
The French Horn, Morley-Pegge, Ernest Benn Limited
The Horn, A Comprehensive Guide, Robin Gregory, Praeger, 1969
The Horn, The Horn,. Merewether, Paxman of Covent Garden
Horn Bibliographie, Bernhard Bruechle, three volumes, Heinrichshofer Wilhelmsharen, 1970 and 1975 (in German)
A Horn Player’s Guide to Orchestral Excerpts, Linda Anne Farr, The Brass Press, 1978
Horn Technique, Gunther Shuller, Oxford University Press, 1962
Index of French Horn Music, Wayne Wilkins, The Music Register, 1978
Photographic Study of Horn Players’ Embouchures, Philip Farkas, Wind Music
Playing the Horn, Barry Tuckwell, Oxford University Press, 1978
A Practical Guide to French Horn Playing, Yancich, Wind Music


Annotated Guide to Bass Trombone Literature, Thomas G. Everett, The Brass Press, 1978
Annotated Guide to Trombone Solos with Band and Orchestra, Verne Kagarice, Studio P/R, 1974
Art of Trombone Playing, Edward Kleinhammer, Summy-Birchard, 1963 – very good
Modern Trombone, Dempster, University of California Press
Solos for the Student Trombonist: An Annotated Bibliography, Verne Kagarice, et. al., The Brass Press, 1979
The Trombone, Robin Gregory, Praeger, 1973
Trombone Chamber Music: An Annotated Bibliography, Harry J. Arling, The Brass Press, 1978
Trombone Teaching Technique, Donald Knaub, Accura Music
Trombone Technique, Denis Wick, Oxford University Press, 1971
The Trombonist’s Handbook, Reginald H. Fink, Accura Music, 1977

Euphonium and Tuba

The Art of Euphonium Playing, Art Lehman (with recordings)
The Contemporary Tuba, Cummings, Whaling Music
Encyclopedia of Tuba Literature, William Bell
Euphonium Music Guide, Earle L. Louder and David R. Corbin, Jr., Instrumentalist, 1978
Euphonium Music Guide, Winter, Whaling Music
The Low Brass Guide, John R. Griffiths, Jerona Music, 1980
Studio Class Manual For Tuba and Euphonium, Rose, Iola Publications
The Tuba Family, Clifford Bevan, Faber and Faber, 1978
Tuba Handbook, J. Kent Mason (repertoire list)
Tuba Music Guide, R. Winston Morris, Instrumentalist, 1973