Photos from the 2003 NABBA Competition

2003 NABBA Competition
Little Rock, Arkansas

Contest morning — the band has yet to arrive

On the way to Little Rock
(left to right:  Dr. Buckner, Nevada Mills, Juzeh Correai, Josh Jackson, Robyn Radtke

Waiting for the Warm-up Room
(left to right:  Matt Kennan, Chris Loyd, Josh Jackson, Mark Windham, Nevada Mills)

Dr. Branstine and the band in the Warm-up Room

Dr. Branstine in the Warm-up Room
(David Stuart on the left)

Trombone section back stage just before competing
(left to right:  Chris Loyd, Nevada Mills, Mark Windham, Brandon Egner)

Several of the cornets back stage
(left to right:  Adam Meisen, Jay Epperhart, Juzeh Correia)

Horn/Flugelhorn section back stage
(left to right:  Robin Kidd, Joe Fuller, Robyn Radtke, Juan Rodriguez)

In the parking garage immediately following the competition
(left to right:  Peger Maggio, Lia McCauley, Amanda Ritter, Joe Fuller)

(left to right:  Peter Maggio, Amanda Ritter, Juan Rodriguez, Jay Epperhart, Joe Fuller, Robin Kidd, Wayne Ashley)

Listening to the Championship Division Bands
(left to right:  Josh Jackson, Nevada Mills, Mark Windham, Wayne Ashley, Adam Meisen)

NABBA Solo Competition Winners
(left:  Tyler Braxton, 3rd place, low brass, adult lyrical)
(right:  Mark Windham, 1st place, low brass, adult technical)

On the way home
(left to right:  Juzeh Correia, Juan Rodriguez, Mark Windham, Nevada Mills)

On the way home
(left to right:  Juzeh Correia, Robin Kidd, Peter Maggio, Mark Windham, Amanda Ritter)