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Editions Marc Reift
WGBH Boston
WQXR 96.3 New York – Classical Music and New York Times News
King FM 98.1 – Click “Listen Online”
Classical Music Archives
Classical Net – a place to see how much is out there and maybe find some listening along the way!

Chicago Symphony Orchestra – broadcasts of live concerts – changes weekly!


Dallas Wind Symphony (excerpts from recordings)

Brass Ensembles:  you should be able to find a LOT here: under links

Brass Quintet:
Boston Brass
Canadian Brass

Brass Band:
New York Salvation Army Staff Band

Drum Corps
Blast – go to the touring shows and then multimedia

Trumpet History
Henderson State University Trumpet Studio Listening List
Additional Music Not Played in Studio Class
A History of the Trumpet through Youtube videos
Chris Botti – the name says it all!

Frazier Horn Choir