Moix, Chris

Band Director, Temple, TX
Senior Recital, 1998
Junior Recital, 1998
student of Dr. Jim Buckner

Chris Moix with Dr. Jim Buckner

Brianna Moix with Dr. Buckner

And now for the rest of the story…HSU wanted a photo of me with a student, so I scheduled a time with the photographer when I had a lesson. Everything went fine…except the student didn’t show up. I said I would find someone to sit in, but there weren’t ANY trumpet players around. So, I asked Chris Moix’s daughter Brianna to sit in for the photo. And there we are!

Except that Brianna was a flute major! In spite of that, she has a great trumpet embouchure and her hand position is perfect. Maybe she got that from watching her dad??

Senior Recital, Fall, 1998

Giuseppe Torelli Sinfonia in D major, G. 1
Vaclav Nelhybel Golden Concerto (on a Twelve Tone Row)
Eugene Bozza Caprice
Herman Bellstedt Napoli

Performance Lab

Fall 1978 Ennio Porrino Concertino
Spring 1979 Bohumir Kryll King Carnival with Gary Miller and Phillip Heinemann, cornets

Performance Labs

Spring 1996 Vincent Persichetti Hollow Men, The
Fall 1996 Maurice C. Whitney Concertino III. Allegro scherzando
Spring 1997 Halsey Stevens Sonata I. Allegro moderato