HSU Faculty Brass Quintets

Faculty brass quintets have been an important part of the brass program at Henderson State for over 50 years.  Several alums have played in one of the HSU Faculty Brass Quintets, including:

Abbie Brown
John Caldwell
Phil Heinemann
Randy Keen
David Laubach
Doug Lockard
Lucas Sapaugh
Jason Webb

Henderson Brass Quintet

Front Row: Robert Levy, Linda Bruner, Randy Keen
Back Row: James Duffy, Lee Finch

Robert Levy formed the Henderson Brass Quintet in 1966 along with four students. This group was quite active and performed over 30 times.

1968 Henderson Brass Quintet Recital

1968 – 1969 Henderson Brass Quintet Tour Program

April 16, 1969 Henderson Brass Quintet Recital

HSU Faculty Brass Quintet

L to R:  Don Kramer, John Caldwell, Chris Kornegay,Eddie Paul, Wes Branstine, 1976 or 1977

Don Kramer and Dr. Wes Branstine formed the HSU Faculty Brass Quintet along with three students.in the 1970’s.

South Arkansas Brass Quintet

L to R:  Jim Woolly, Doug Lockard, Wes Branstine, Don Kramer, Chris Kornegay

The Faculty Brass Quintet added Dr. Jim Woolly on horn and became the South Arkansas Brass Quintet in 1986; the group changed its name to the Arkansas Brass Quintet in the 1990’s.  Arkansas Brass has been together for over 30 years.

South Arkansas Brass in the early-1990’s
L to R:  Jim Woolly, Jim Buckner, Chris Kornegay, Wes Branstine, John Webb

A new faculty brass quintet was formed in the the 2010’s and performed for several years.