Herald Trumpets

Henderson’s Madrigal Feaste provided a regular opportunity for small trumpet ensembles.

Chris Moix, Brandi Outz Digby, Jason Webb, and Kennth Dumond – 1998 Madrigal Feaste

Trumpeters Mary Kate McNally, Craig Ingram, and Robert Cutler open the Madrigal Feast

Kristy Fleming Johnson and Zach Vojtech
(not pictured:  Brian Hughes and Jimmy Smith)

Herald Trumpets, 2018 opening the Carol of Lights concert
Left to Right: Justin Kennedy, Aidan Watson, Patrick McKinnon, Zack Duncan
Rehearsing for the Carol of Lights
Herald Trumpets, 2019 opening the Carol of Lights concert
L to R: Patrick McKinnon, Owen Valdez, Aidan Watson, Grant Smith