Henderson State University Non-Studio Trumpet Listening List

Wayne Bergeron – Horn of Puente Trumpet Solo

Playing Lead Trumpet by Wayne Bergeron

Playing Lead Trumpet by Wayne Bergeron (book)

Jazz Trumpet Legends – Amazing Maynard Ferguson Band Full Movie Remastered

Bartholomew – Fanfare for 3 trumpets

Trumpet Masterclass with Alison Balsom

Alison Balsom – Claude Debussy Syrinx

Mel Broiles, Metropolitan Opera Principal Trumpet, from a presentation at Curtis Institute in 1997

Mary Elizabeth Bowden, Debussy: The Girl with the Flaxen Hair

Arturo Sandoval, with Special Guests Malcolm McNab & Gary Grant

Gábor Tarkövi – Hejre Kati Op.32

Tim Akers and the Smoking Section

The Top Ten Movies About Trumpet Players (Part 1)

The Top Ten Movies About Trumpet Players (Part 2)

Multi track trumpet – Bach Concerto on a Theme of Vivaldi BWV 972

Otto Sauter, Masterclass for Trumpet Teachers

Otto Sauter: Luigi Otto Trompetenkonzert in Es-Dur, Satz 2 und 3

Augie Haas

Bobby Hackett – Dream

Warren Vache – After You’ve Gone

1969 (Dan) Ruby Braff & Newport All Stars w. George Wein – I Got It Bad

Doc Severinsen – Byron Stripling – Elmhurst College Jazz Band

Joseph Meidt XRAY-Movies of Trumpet and Horn player

Trumpet/Cornet Videos –  Ole Edvard Antonsen

Lovelock Concerto – Doc Severinsen trumpet

John Robertson Performs the William Lovelock Trumpet Concerto

Doc Severinsen: The Night of 1,000 Trumpets

Herman – Concerto For Trumpet– PHS 1967–Doc Severinsen

Doc Severinsen Concerto Barocco for Trumpet by Jerry Bilik

Concerto for Trumpet and Band: I. Allegro jubiloso (Live)

Doc Severinsen & Arturo Sandoval. Rafael Méndez International Brass Festival 2010, Mexico City

Doc Severinsen – Live in Mexico City 2010

Doc Severinsen Plays the Tyzik/Vizzutti “Concerto for Trumpet.” From a Concert in 1978

Doc Severinsen: “Concerto for Trumpet and Band” by Tyzik – 1989 Live Concert in Plano Texas

trompemundo – trumpet player videos


Most COMMON MISTAKE in BRASS PLAYING in beginners!!!

You probably know to ask yourself, “What do I want?” Here’s a way better question – article

Melissa Venema

Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 – Canadian Brass

Sergei Nakariakov – Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso

Doc Severinsen Masterclass (revised) – Feb. 18, 2015

Bone2Pick: Wayne Bergeron/Andy Martin Interview, Part 1

Bone2Pick: Wayne Bergeron/Andy Martin Interview, Part 2

Hip-BoneU Trailer: Playing High Notes with Wayne Bergeron

Special Effects (Part I) Trumpet Tips & Tricks with Charlie Porter

Special Effects (Part II) Trumpet Tips & Tricks with Charlie Porter

Black Dyke Band plays Flourish (Soloist: Richard Marshall) @ World Band Festival Luzern

Cavatina Badings Trumpet & Harp – Van Dijk & Schipper

Arturo Sandoval Master Class Video #2 – Listening

Steve Jankowski

Thomas Hooten & Arturo Sandoval

James Morrison – Snappy Too – NEW CD!!!

James Morrison on YouTube

James Morrison’s Digital Trumpet

Snarky Puppy

Bobby Shew, Allen Vizzutti, and Doc Severinsen with the American Band CollegeCrazy Energy


Snarky Puppy – Shofukan (We Like It Here)

Maynard Ferguson

Chops vs. Air – Brass Player’s Improvement Email Series TRUMPET LESSONS Kurt Thompson

The Akrasia Effect: Why We Don’t Follow Through on What We Set Out to Do and What to Do About It – James Clear

The new Wayne Bergeron CD, “Full Circle,” teaser

Louis Dowdeswell – Go The Distance (Disney’s Hercules)

Vigilante Brass – Knights of Cydonia – Muse Brass Cover

Biffy Clyro Brass Cover – Opposite – Vigilante Brass

Brassical – Moment for Morricone

Brassical – Green Hornet

Brassical – Majakene mere ääres

MEXICAN BRASS – Escape (Kevin McKee)

Mechanics of Respiration

Wayne Bergeron and the 2015 Disneyland Resort All-American College Band

The first 20 hours — how to learn anything

Siv Øverli – SoundCloud

Play is more than just fun

Art of Brass Vienna plays Suite for Brass Quintet by Lennie Niehaus Part 1

Art of Brass Vienna plays Suite for Brass Quintet by Lennie Niehaus Part 2

Moto Perpetuo performed by Rafael Mendez

Allen Vizzutti Tech 1 Demo

Allen Vizzutti One Handed Double Eb-Ouch!

Private Lessons ~ Allen Vizzutti

Allen Vizzutti chordal cadenza

Allen Vizzutti lucky high note on trumpet

Allen Vizzutti trumpet plays beautiful melody Emmanuel

Allen Vizzutti One Handed Double High C

Google Arts and Culture Performing Arts videos

Trumpet duel ´90: Wynton Marsalis, Arturo Sandoval, James Morrison & Jon Faddis

Riot at the Rite

Charles Lazarus

Wayne Newton – As Long As I’m Singing

The American Sailor

Doc Severinsen – Hermann Concerto for Trumpet

Doc Severinsen – Werle Concerto No 3


Doc Severinsen – Werle Trumpet Concerto 2 w/US Air Force Band

Doc Severinsen: Fisher Tull Trumpet Concerto No 2, with the REL High School Band, 1974

Doc Severinsen Videos

Brandon Riddenhour – Rhapsody in Blue

Mahler: Trumpet Solo from Symphony No. 5 (Benjamin Zander – Interpretation Class – Elmer Churampi)

Charles Lazarus Indivisble

Scotty Barnhart and Lew Soloff Playing

Vincent DiMartino 2019 – Masterclass

Don Jacoby “Jake” Trumpet Clinic

Music students score better in certain academic disciplines than non-musical peers – article

Doc Severinsen with the Mason City, Iowa high school band

Bluesette · US Air Force Airmen of Note

I Love Being Here With You – US Air Force Airmen of Note

Yesterdays – US Air Force Airmen of Note

Cheek to Cheek – US Air Force Airmen of Note

The Wine of May – US Air Force Airmen of Note

“Blues For Stu’s Shoes” Alan Baylock Jazz Orchestra

Lately – US Air Force Airmen of Note

Jingle Bells – Tom Kubis Big Band Christmas

Teach Me Tonight – US Air Force Airmen of Note

Ella Fitzgerald – A tisket A tasket

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Ella & Basie I’m Beginning To See The Light

Route 66

I Wanna Be Around by Frank Sinatra wih Count Basie

I Can’t Stop Loving You · Frank Sinatra · Count Basie

Frank Sinatra – Don’t worry ’bout me (live)

Let The Good Times Roll- Ray Charles

Night And Day (Remastered)

ITG 2013 – Night in Tunisia – Part 1 of 2

ITG 2013 – Night in Tunisia – Part 2 of 2

Learn how to Circular Breathe in 10 minutes. Really

Yturvides Vilchez

Rex Richardson plays “Dukal Bugles” – Chapter 1, “Ray Nance”


Search Required

Igor Fedderoff – high tpt

Ruben Simeo, trumpet

Red Rodney

Denver Brass


Claudio Roditi – Samba for Carmen (start at ) ()

Tom Hooten – Gillingham – When Speaks the Signal-Trumpet Tone (18:43)

Joe Burgstaller

Bibi Black – Pakhmutova Concerto (14:48)

Dokshizer – Pakhmutova Concerto (15:20)

David Hickman – Vince DiMartino – Gerassimo Ioannidis – The Brave Matador (3:23)

Carnegie Hall Trumpet Master Class – Berlin Philharmonic principal trumpet, Gábor Tarkövi:  Stravinsky’s Petrouchka (8:00)

Anthony Plog

Reinhold Friderich

Lew Soloff

Carlos Fuente

Don Smithers

Doc Severinsen – Tull Concerto with orchestra

Jack Sheldon & Jon Faddis battle it out on “Cottontail”. 1985 (4:13)

Woody Herman (feat.Bill Chase) – Somewhere 1964 (3:31)

Maynard Ferguson, Somewhere (4:40)

David Sampson – Tenebrae – Chris Martin (5:16)

Arturo and Wayne – Maynard and Waynard (5:14)

Things to Come – Jon Faddis and Wynton Marsalis (5:33)

Tiger Rag – Byron Stripling (4:30)

Cowboy Bebop (3:31)

Jon Faddis

Herb Alpert

Nine Black Riders – Lord of the Rings – Allen Vizzutti (10:06)

An Introduction to the Rotary Trumpet by Dr. Jack Burt (11:37)

Interview with Uan Rasey and Malcolm McNab – Part 1 (8:02), Part 2 (9:28)

John Rommel master class – start around 34:00????

Ensemble de Trompettes de Paris (14:04)

Otto Sauter – Molter Concertos (LONG!)

Ellen Shinogle, Trumpet – Degree Recital – Eastman School of Music (53:30)

Louis Larouche Trumpet Ensemble – Bohemian Rhapsody (6:45)

Louise Baranger and Marvin Stamm – Nadalin by Bobby Shew (5:16)

Stan Kenton – Maleguena (4:21)

Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra – Maleguena (4:45)

Scott Englebright sets his chops at sound check then kills the gig (1:29)

Joe Burgstaller, Ronald Romm, Jens Liedemann, Ryan Anthony – Thomas Stevens – A New Carnival of Venice (6:37)

John Harbaugh of Central Washington University discussing and demonstrating the physics of producing a sound on the trumpet (13:00)

When You Wish Upon A Star | feat. Wayne Bergeron | Trumpet Version (4:11)

Disney’s Hercules – Zero To Hero – Trumpet Version (4:56)

Let It Go (Disney’s Frozen) | Trumpet Version (4:30)

Pauly Cohen – Playing lead trumpet with Count Basie (7:52)

Jack Sheldon – Don’t Worry About Me (5:55), Conjunction Function (3:32)

A Song For You – Doc Severinsen (3:48)

Caleb Hudson – Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, III. Allegro assai (2:48)

Reinhold Freidrich – Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 – C piccolo trumpet – start at 1:20:10, end at 1:25:05 (4:55), start at 1:28:58, end at 1:31:37  (2:39)

Friedemann Immer Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 – natural trumpet- start at 19:43, end at 24:46 (5:03), start at 28:25, stop at 31:05 (2:40)

Brian McWhorter – Robert Erickson – Kryl (6:09)

Sergei Nakariakov – Arban Carnival of Venice (6:43)

Alison Balsom – Sound the Trumpet (9:42)

Tom Strait – Over The Flatlands (8:39)

Häkan Hardenberger – Hans Werner Henze – Sonatina (4:11)

Häkan Hardenberger – How To Anticipate Pitch And Breathe (7:18), Hardenberger’s Performance Techniques (1:39)

St. Louis Brass Quintet – Scheidt: Gailliard Battaglia (1:40), Sweet Georgia Brown (2:44), Amparita Roca (2:30)

Empire Brass – Shostakovitch – Festive Overture (6:44)

Carnegie Hall Trumpet Master Class – Berlin Philharmonic principal trumpet, Gábor Tarkövi:  Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 (17:11)

Rafael Mendez – Jota Number 2 (2:18), Tre-Mendez Polka (3:16), La Virgen de la Macarena (4:03)

Barbara Butler with The US Army Band 2010 – Plog Concerto No. 1 – 1st mvt (4:25), 2nd mvt – no video, 3rd mvt (2:57), 4th mvt (6:29)

Clark Terry – Trumpet Course with Clark Terry (1981) – (1:30 of 51:33), Pie High, Paris, 1959 – starts at 5:12, ends at 7:43 (2:31)

Chase – Open Up Wide (0:39)

Maynard Ferguson and Andrea Tofanelli 2003

Uan Rasey

Canadian Brass

Mnozil Brass

Ray Crisara – cant’ find – Godfather??

Giuseppe Galante

Maurice André and Dizzy Gillespie – Groovin´ High, Manhã de Carnival

Oklahoma State University – Toccata and Fugue in D minor, 2015 National Trumpet Competition (7:30)

Hikari Ichihara (8:12)

Sue Richardson – Too Cool  (5:18)

David Bilger – Tomasi Concerto (especially the 2nd mvt.) (18:45), Mahler’s 5th Symphony opening solo (1:12)

Mahler 5 Opening Trumpet solo – Gabor Tarkovi, Berlin Philharmonic (3:30)

Allen Vizzutti and John Hagstrom – Mystic Warriors (14:59)

Armando Ghitalla – 1st recording of Hummel (17:35)

Maurice Andre – Tomasi Concerto (1955) (7:29)

James Morrison – Olympic Fanfare 2000 (2:39), Auditioning for the Big Phat Band Trumpet Section (6:59)

James Morrison & Schagerl All Star Big Band feat. Thomas Gansch – “The Flintstones” (6:38)

Timofei Dokshizer – Rachmaninoff:  Vocalise (3:25); Sarasate – Zigeunerweisen (6:04)

Arturo Sandoval – La Virgen de la Macarena (4:10)

R. Strauss – Thus Sprach Zarathustra

Chris Gekker – Manhattan Chamber Orchestra

Guy Few – Toronto Chamber Orchestra

Randy Brecker

Louis Armstrong – Wild Man Moore from Paris Blues (5:48)

Al Hirt – Haydn Concerto

CSO Brass Quintet – Ewald Quintet #1 – Adolph Herseth, Vincent Cichowicz, trumpets; Richard Oldberg, horn; Frank Crisafulli, trombone; Arnold Jacobs, tuba (13:00)

Tom Houten

Jim Manly

Nick Drozdoff (sp?)

Conrad Gozzo

Bolling Toot Suite (38:00)

Dizzy Gillespie

Vinnie DiMartino

Maynard Ferguson – Eli’s Coming (5:17)

Herb Alpert

Chris Botti

Chuck Mangione – Doc Severinsen & Chuck Mangione – Pina Colada (5:48)

Chuck Mangione – Hill Where The Lord Hides (7:36)

Army Blues – lady lead trumpeter

Mahler Symphony No. 3 – off-stage solos

Chris Martin – in CSO

Mouthpiece measurements

Arturo – legit

van Dijk wife??

Herbert L. Clarke

Philip Jones Brass Ensemble

Chuck Findley

Doc with strings, A Song For You (3:48), Theme from Love Story (3:20)

Stan Kenton – Chiapas starts at 4:50, ends at 11:45 (6:55)

Cat Anderson – El Gato with the Ellington orchestra in 1969 (3:35), Switzerland ’59 (4:29) – Cat Anderson, Clark Terry, Andres Merenguito, Ray Nance


Lead Trumpet Player (4:10)

Tonight Show – Rubik’s Cube While playing Trumpet (3:29)

Trumpet Tips #3 – Confessions (3:28), #4 – , #5 – , #6 – What History Can Teach Us (6:25), #7 – , #8 – , #9 –

Pete Barbuti – 4th Chair Trumpet Player

Doc Severinsen Conn dealers concert – 1980’s

Trumpet Playing | 3D Tongue Motion Analysis | Performing Science (7:17)

10 Underrated Trumpet Players Any Serious Musician Should Know (16:31)

    Blue Mitchell – 0:00

    Bobby Shew – 1:05

    Booker Little – 3:02

    Conte Candoli – 3:5

    Eddie Henderson – 5:54

    Harry ‘Sweets’ Edison – 7:52

    Kenny Wheeler – 9:53

    Nat Adderley – 11:01

    Thad Jones – 12:44

    Tommy Turrentine – 14:28


Don Ellis – Bulgarian Bulge (3:01)

The Gapper – trumpet equipment

Arutunian trumpet concerto Andrea Giuffredi rehearsal japan 2012 (4:37)

Andrea Giuffredi (6:29)

Andrea Giuffredi – Caruso – Lucio Dalla (4:45)


Woody Herman, Bill Chase on Edie’s show (stop at 2:07, start at 7:35, stop 11:54) (6:26)

“Open Up Wide” Chase-LIVE (original 1st album band) (3:52)

us- Thad Jones and the Mel Lewis orchestra (3:45)

Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra – A Child Is Born (4:16)

The New Don Ellis Band Goes Underground / Black Baby (4:22)

The GREAT Al Hirt playing I Can’t Get Started and The Saints Go Marching In. 1962 (6:56)


Andrea Giuffredi – Aranjuez adagio – 2.09

Andrea Giuffredi – Carmela – 1:34

Ray Crisara – Godfather Original Theme

Ray Crisara – Pat Williams, “For Me”

Ray Crisara – Glenn Gould – Hindemith, Sonata for Trumpet and Piano

Ray Crisara – Solace (A Mexican Serenade) by Scott Joplin, arr. Dick Hyman

Tower of Power Horn Clinic – 3:41

Behind the Scenes: Dan Fornero, not so old school – 1:25

About the album – article

Making of: James Bond Skyfall Soundtrack

Derek Watkins videos

Derek Watkins The Trumpet Legend – 2:09

Music for Brass Septet – Septura

Allen Vizzutti at the Dayton Trumpet Hang ’12 (5:52)

International Staff Band of the Salvation Army

Chuck Mangione – 60 Miles Young

River City Brass Band

Gregson Connotations

Glenn Miller – In The Mood – Clyde Hurley, trumpet – start at 1:31, stop at 2:07 (0:36)

Sergei Nakariakov – Marcello – Concerto for Oboe III. Allegro (3:06)

No More Wunderkind – stop at 1:10, start at 3:12, stop at 6:04 (4:02)

Maynard on Ed Sullivan – 12-3-50

Brian MacDonald & Kevin Burns – Airmen of Note! (1:10)