Course of Study

Semesters I and II:

Etude Repertoire
Arban/Goldman-Smith  Complete Conservatory Method
Buckner  Trumpet Handbook
Clarke  Technical Studies
Colin  Advanced Lip Flexibilities
Concone  Lyrical Studies
Manous  53 Studies in Rhythm
Roberts How to Make First Chair
Voxman  Selected Studies

Representative Solo Repertoire
Anderson  A Trumpeter’s Lullabye
Balay  Petite piéce concertante
Bernstein  Rondo for Lifey
Bohrnstedt  Concerto, 2nd mvt.
Fitzgerald  Concerto, 2nd mvt.
Goedicke  Concert Etude
Goeyens  All ‘antica
Haydn  Concerto, 2nd mvt.
Hovhaness  Prayer of St. Gregory
Llewellyn  My Regards
Peeters  Sonata, 2nd mvt.
Ropartz  Andante et allegro
Weber  Carnival of Venice

Semesters III and IV:

Etude Repertoire
Arban/Goldman-Smith  Complete Conservatory Method
Bousquet  36 Celebrated Etudes
Brandt  Orchestra Etudes
Buckner  Trumpet Handbook
Colin  Advanced Lip Flexibilities
Lillya  Trumpet Technique
Manous  53 Studies in Rhythm

Representative Solo Repertoire
Bach  Sonata
Balay  Prelude et ballade
Barat  Andante et scherzo
Clarke, H. L.  Maid of the Mist
Clarke, H. L.  Stars in a Velvety Sky
Donato  Prelude et allegro
Fitzgerald  Concerto in a-flat minor, 1st movement
Gedalge  Contest Piece
Haydn  Concerto, 3rd mvt.
Hindemith  Sonata
Hubeau  Sonata
Hummel  Concerto
Kennan  Sonata, 1st mvt.
Martinu  Sonatine
Mouquet  Legende heroique
Mozart, L./Lillya  Concerto
Neruda  Concerto
Peeters  Sonata, 1st mvt.
Persichetti  The Hollow Men
Riisager  Concertino
Schroetter  Fanfarette
Stevens  Sonata, 2nd mvt.
Telemann/Voisin  Concerto
Wormser  Fantasie, thème, et variations

Semesters V and VI:

Etude Repertoire
Arban/Goldman-Smith  Complete Conservatory Method
Bordogni/Rochut  Melodious Etudes, Book 1
Cafarelli  100 Studi Melodici
Charlier  36 Etudes transcendantes
Gates  Odd-Meter Etudes
Irons  27 Groups of Exercises
Sachse  100 Etudes
Zauder  Embouchure and Technique Studies

Representative Solo Repertoire
Anonymous/Gervaise  Sept dances
Arutunian  Concerto
Bohrnstedt  Concerto, 1st and 3rd mvts.
Bozza  Caprice
Bozza  Rustiques
Clarke, H. L.  Bride of the Waves
Clarke, H. L.  Carnival of Venice
Clarke, H. L.  The Debutante
Clarke, H. L.  From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific
Clarke, H. L.  The Southern Cross
Copland  Quiet City
Fitzgerald, Concerto in a-flat minor, 3rd mvt.
Handel/Fitzgerald  Aria con variazioni
Handel  Suite in D major
Haydn  Concerto, 1st mvt.
Kennan  Sonata, 2nd and 3rd mvts.
Latham  Suite
Pahkmutova  Concerto
Peaslee  Night Songs
Peeters Sonata, 3rd mvt.
Planel  Concerto, 2nd mvt.
Purcell  Sonata in D major
Riisager  Concertino, 1st and 3rd mvts.
Stevens  Sonata, 1st and 3rd mvts.
Torelli  Concertos
Viviani  Sonata No. 1 and No. 2

Semesters VII and VIII:

Etude Repertoire
Bitsch  20 Etudes
Bozza  16 Etudes
Nagel  Speed Studies
Ridgeon  How Brass Players Do It
Schlossberg  Daily Drills and Technical Studies
Smith  Top Tones
Tomasi  6 Etudes

Representative Solo Repertoire
Arban  Carnival of Venice
Bellstedt  Napoli
Bitsch Quatre variations sur un thème de Domenico Scarlatti
Bloch  Proclamation
Casterede  Brèves rencontres
Casterede  Sonatine
Cellier  Chevauchée fantastique
Enesco  Legend
Gabaye  Feu d’artifice
Giannini  Concerto
Honegger  Intrada
Mozart, L.  Concerto in D major
Planel  Concerto, 1st and 3d mvts.
Nelhybel  Golden Concerto
Schönbach  Konzert nach Scarlatti
Tartini  Concerto
Telemann  Concerto in D major

Semesters IX and X:

Etude Repertoire
Bordogni  24 Vocalises
Chaynes  15 Etudes
Colin, A.  Contemporary Atonal Etudes
Colin, A.  Contemporary Etudes

Representative Solo Repertoire
Chaynes  Concerto
Jolivet  Concertino
Jolivet  Concerto No. 2
Tomasi  Concerto