Band Camp Faculty Brass Choir

Band Camp Faculty Brass Choir

The following are live recordings of the Henderson State University Faculty Brass Choir.  Sadly, most programs were not recorded.

Typically, the group rehearses one hour a day from Sunday through Thursday and performs at the end of the chamber music concert Thursday night.

Note:  We can’t find the name of 5 of these pieces.  If you know what they are, please e-mail us at bucknej @ (omit the spaces).  Thanks!

?? – #1

?? – #2

Handel – Entrance of the Queen of Sheba

Berlioz – Rakoczy March


Faculty Brass Quintet

Following are recordings of the Faculty Brass Quintet from a band camp performance:

?? – #3

Hindemith Morgenmusik, I. Massig bewegt

Ewald – Quintet No. 1, mvt. 1

?? – #4

?? – #5

Sonata from “Die Bankelsangerlieder”