Arkansas All-Star Big Band

The 17-piece Arkansas All-Star Big Band has backed up Doc Severinsen (“Fantastic players!  These cats are sensational!”), Wayne Bergeron (“A great band!”) and Allen Vizzutti (“This band is fantastic!”).  It includes many of the finest jazz musicians in Arkansas, Louisiana, and East Texas.

Youtube Videos of the Arkansas All-Star Big Band
(Sorry – the guest artists have not given permission
for their performances to be posted.)

Next Performance – August 31, Hot Springs JazzFest, Hot Springs, AR


Jacqueline Knight-Beaumont
Taylor Smith (Taylor Smith & The Roamin’ Jasmine)

Gary Meggs, lead alto
Lauren Eckstein, 2nd alto
Matt Schatz, 1st tenor
Brandon Dorris, 2nd tenor
Kaleb Knight, bari

Mike Bryant, lead
Craig Grubbs (Jazz Xtreme)
Ed Grissom
Trae Warner, bass

Joey Castrogiovanni, lead
Buddy Deese
John Webb
Jim Buckner

Bass Deese, piano
Les Pack, guitar
Taylor Smith, bass (Taylor Smith & The Roamin’ Jasmine)
C. E. Askew, drums (Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra directed by Mike Vax, Airmen of Note)

Concert with Doc Severinsen:

The horn section and Doc Severinsen

The rhythm section and bari sax

Doc and the band taking bows

Gary Meggs, lead alto (Vizzutti and Severinsen concerts)
Andrew Splawn, 2nd alto (all three concerts)
Marc Ballard, 1st tenor (Severinsen concert, 2nd on Vizzutti concert)
Matt Schatz, 2nd tenor
Sean LaFollette, bari (all three concerts)

Mike Bryant (lead on Vizzutti and Severinsen, 2nd on Bergeron concert)
Sim Flora (2nd on Vizzutti and Severinsen concerts)
Brice Evans (3rd on Severinsen concert)
Trae Warner, bass (Vizzutti and Severinsen concerts)

Joey Castrogiovanni, lead (all three concerts)
Garry Henson (all three concerts)
John Webb (all three concerts)
Jim Buckner (all three concerts)

Don Nichols, piano (Severinsen concert)
Les Pack, guitar (all three concerts)
David Higginbotham, bass (Severinsen concert)
C. E. Askew, drums (all three concerts)

Members on Previous Concerts:

Nathan Carman, lead alto (Bergeron concert)
Earl Hesse, 1st tenor (Vizzutti and Bergeron concerts)
Joel Griffin, 2nd tenor (Bergeron concert)

Mark Windham (3rd on Vizzutti and Bergeron concerts)
Steve Suter, lead (Bergeron concert)
Tyrone Block, bass (Bergeron concert)

Rick Dimond, piano (Vizzutti and Bergeron concerts)
Don Colquitt, bass (Vizzutti and Bergeron concerts)

Allen Vizzutti rehearses with the Arkansas All-Star Big Band

Dr. Earl Hesse

Dr. Sim Flora

Garry Henson

photos by Steve Fellers

Doc Severinsen and the Arkansas All-Star Big Band Trumpet Section

Arkansas All-Star Big Band trumpet section with Wayne Bergeron